I never tried writing paragraphs in korean. I’m too scared to write since I don’t know a lotof grammars and vocabulary and maybe that’s one of the reason I never improved.

So far, I learned that flashcard dont help. I tried doing flashcards, memorizing during my free time. No luck. I dont remember a word from it. The words that was contributed to my vocabulary knowledge, were i used when I was using the hellotalk app. So, I guess more on writing helps a lot.

Reading in reddit (www.reddit.com/r/korean) is what I do during my free time. Ok. I have a lot free time these days, cause its 1 week vacations, and i only have 3 days left. I got to maximize it by doing research in korean. Hoho.

What I found out in reddit is some tips like listening to a kpop song then write what you heard and dont look at the lyrics just write what you heard. This is somewhat increases your ability in listening skills and writing in correct spelling. I tried this, but it consumes a lot of time but it works. I tried to write The lyrics of a song that i already memorized without actually knowing the lyrics. Skip the rap part. Too fast. Then, when i checked, i have a lot of known common words but wrong spelling. Then i looked for the english translation of the song and tried to analyze the lyrics.


For example. (Hug me – crush)

what i heard: 난 니를 바라보면 난 드거워죠

What the lyrics is: 괜히 널 바라보면 낯 뜨거워져

Translation: I get shy when I see you for no reason

New words: 괜히(for no reason), 낯뜨겁다(shy)

I learned the words without looking in the dictionary.


now, I know the spelling and I learned some new words. Dont know about my listening skills if it will improve. So, when I hear the song again, I remember the translation and the correct spelling.

I also read some tips that listening to a podcast (in korean not english teaching korean) helps a lot. So, I tried to look for a podcast and i havent found anything in my level yet. I dont want to listen to radioprograms, it’s too advanced. I guess iyagi is the best option. I travel 2 hours going to school and 2 hours going home. That’s 4 hour free time to me. Mostly I sleep during my travel time but now I have something to stay me awake. I can play the iyagi for like 30 times a day. I just hope that it wont be lullaby.

COC Korea

Anyone who plays clash of clans? Me. And I am still addict when it comes to COC.

I tried to join korean clans. And the first ever korean clan that I joined is the “Power Korea.” Yes. I joined with having a little knowledge in korean language. But I can still communicate even before then like asking their name, age and telling my name and where I live. Super basic stuff. everyday, we chat, though I don’t understand everything. They also tried to chat in english. they even made me a co-leader. I joined them for months. I left the clan because every time we are at war, we lose. So I left.

Then, I joined my brother’s co-workers’s clan. And we’re having a war right now. And guess what, who’s the opponent? Yes. It’s the Power Korea. I didn’t noticed it before the war starts.  Then I checked my opponent,  and I found a familiar name. Then I looked their other members.  And yes.  That’s them. Not all. But the members that i know are all co-leaders now. I can’t believe that the clan is still active.

I may be overreacting now. It’s just that, I’m surprised. After this war, I want to join their clan again and ask if they still know me. I doubt it. But still…

COC  is where I learned things that I can’t learn in any korean textbook. It teaches slang words and bad words. Haha. I learned it from them. ㅋ ㅋ.

Have fun learning!!! (And playing COC) ^^

Happy Lunar New Year

Hello, everyone. 정말 오랜만이네요. I’ve been busy with my studies so I didnt have time to make a post for the past few weeks. But today, we dont have classes, because its lunar new year. So.. KONG HEI FAT CHOI!!! (I dont know if I spelled that right. ㅋㅋ)

Many things happened for the past weeks. My birthday had passed, although I didnt celebrate it because of exams. ㅠ.ㅠ but im still thankful for everything happened for my 18th year of existence. Now, I dont know what will happen for my 19th year. Yup, I’m already 19 years old. Im getting older and older.

February 14, single awareness day. Haha, single and happy.

Even if im still busy in academics, im still active in learning korean. Im stil doing my weekly vocabulary and still mastering the ‘korean grammar in use-beginning.’

It will take weeks again before I make another post. 기도해주세요.

Answer the phone


What was the first korean song that you heard in your whole life?


When I was a kid, I always hear “answer the phone” by Mina in every birthday party we go. Even in radio, they play it.


And I thought this was a spanish song. Seriously, I never thought that this was a korean song.


when the time I got addicted to kpop, I can recognize what korean sounds like. I hear ~었어ish at the end of the sentece. Then when I heard the song again, OMG, this is korean?? So I tried to write the words that I can recognize then I googled it.


And this is how I discovered the origin of my kpop addiction that I thought was a spanish song.

week 3 korean vocabulary

This is my weekly set of korean vocabulary for my 52 week korean challenge.

1.결국after all or in the end
3.관하다Refer to, be about, according to
5.교수Teaching or instruction
6.구조Construction or structure
7.그대로Like that,as it is
8.기업An enterprise or business, corporate
9.나누다to divide
10.Others, other people, south
11.남다Remain, be left over
12.To be like something
13.변화Change, transformation
17.서로mutually,one another
18.선거An election, campaign
20.오히려Rather, instead
21.이루다to form, constitute, make
22.이루어지다Get accomplished, achieved
23.자연spontaneous, automatically, natural
25.중심The center, the focus, the central point
26.지키다To protect
27.치다to strike, hit, beat
28.하늘The sky
29.현상phenomenon, event, status quo

Talk with native korean speakers with Hellotalk


I have been reading reddit.com since yesterday morning, and I found so many good resources and tips about korean. One that catches my eye is the hellotalk app.

I really want to have an exchange language partner but unfortunately I cant seem to find a decent one. And I dont know where. So I tried this Hellotalk app. And its amazing. I can really chat with native speakers that wants to learn english.

So I chat someone who is currently online and to my surprise she replied. Hihi. This is the first time I speak(chat) in korean. 신기하다.

Ive been chatting with them for about 5-6 hours. Yes, that long. And yes, THEM. I’ve been talking to 7 people and more.

One thing that I observed is that I often use basic grammars. Like ~고 있다, 아/어야 되다, 것 같다, 고 싶다… And the rest of the grammars that I learned for the past 2 months, I dont know where it went.

But they also used basic grammars. Not too complex for me. I can understand what they’re saying. There are few words that I dont know that I have to look for the meaning in the dictionary. Otherwise, its good. Its like im learning korean and they’re not learning english. Because From the people that I met, only few tried to speak in english. Others dont. Even if I ask them to speak in english for them to practice.

You can meet nice people and you can meet someone rude. I met some guy and even ask me to…….. FYI, Im looking for an exchange language partner.

If Theres another thing that I hate about this app is that it suddenly crashed. I dont know why, maybe because ive been talking to them for about 5-6 hours, haha. And when I opened it again, all the messages are gone. T_T

Anyway, this is a great app. You better try this.

Have fun learning. ^^

Learn Korean with 뽀로로.

Everyone loves pororo. Its also good for learning korean when you are just a beginner. So, i tried to find scripts of the pororo episodes. And then i find one. The episode 4.

When i read the scripts, i understand every word. And that is an achievement for me. Its been 2 months since i started learning korean so this is a big thing for me. Yeah~~~ im improving.

Here is the script for episode 4

1화: 웃는 얼굴이 예뻐요

<추은 나라 어느 착은 마을에 사는 귀여운 비버, 루피!>

루피 : 안녕~ 난 루피야~! 안녕 얘들아~!

다들 : 안녕 루피!

루피 : 나도 시작해 볼까?

뽀로로 : 왜 이렇계 어둡지?

루피 : 뽀로로! 앞을 잘 보고 다녀야지… 이이이..뽀로로!!

<저런~ 루피는 뽀로로를 의심하는 모양입니다.>

뽀로로 : 아…아니…난 아니야. 난 아니라구!

루피 : :호호호~ 약오르지롱~

뽀로로 : 응? 응? 어디갔지? 어~ 어~?! 그래! 루피야 미안…

루피 : 너무해…어엉 어엉~~~너무해…

뽀로로 : 내가 너무 심했니?…휴우~ 루피야~!

루피 : 왜!

뽀로로 : 미안해, 정말 미안해…

루피 : 뽀로로, 푸웃 하핫…하하하…

<어느새 루피의 마음이 풀렸습니다. 뽀로로와 친구들은 루피의 웃는 얼굴을 보고 더없이 행복하게 웃었습니다)

Enjoy learning. ^^

week 2 korean vocabulary

This is for my week 2 in my 52 week korean vocabulary challenge. Im going to add this words to my previous vocab so I wont forget my last week’s vocabulary. 🙂 화이팅!

4.국민The people or a nationality
5.words, a verse
6.내리다to drop, get down, lower
8.넣다Put inside, set inside, to let inside
9.당시At that time
10.더욱More and more
12.물론Of course
13.As well as
14.밝히다To light up, to reveal
15.사건An incident
17.생기다to arise,occur,happen
23.자체oneself, itself
24.작품piece of work
26.namely,that is to say
27.지방A region, district
28.짓다To make, build
29.현실Actuality, reality


while I was watching standing egg’s 그래 너 music video in youtube. I found clazziquai project in the recommend videos. The name is familiar to me. Maybe, youtube always recommend this to me but I never tried to watch their videos before. So, I clicked the “call me back” MV.

When I heard the song, I regretted that I didnt click it before. WHY??? 왜???

I super duper love the song. And the voice of the guy… I dont know why but whenever I hear his voice 내 마음 떨려요.

While im watching the video, i think ive seen the man singing with the sunglasses somewhere. He looks like the actor from the 내겐 너무 사랑스러운 그녀. Then, I watched another music video. “cant go on my own” and I was right. That is really him. So I googled him and his name is Alex Chu.

오 마이 갓… I didnt know the he actually sings. In the drama, he is a vocal coach. Then in the real life he is a singer. 너무 신기하다.

week 1 korean vocabulary

So, here is my korean words to memorize for this week for my 52 week korean vocabulary challenge. I got this from the 6000 most commonly used words from topik. Then I removed all the words I already know.

가지One of the kind or a sort
경우A circumstances, instance
과정Process or course, curriculum
관계Connection or relation
국가A state or a nation
그때Then or at that time
기술technique or ability, skill
나다To come out, occur
나타나다to Come out, appear
내다to produce something, start, set up
놓다to Put, place, set
대통령The president
대하다to Face, confront
사이the relationship between 2 people
사회society, community
Life,living, existence
서다To stand, rise
시대An age,period,era, time
어느Some, a certain
얻다to Get, obtain, to have
여러many,various, several, variety
의하다To be based on, due to, owing to
이러하다Be this way, be like follows
전체The whole, the entire section
통하다to lead; flow; go through